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(Athletic Director)
07/03/10 11:20 AM
Re: Alabama Game Sep 11 2010

How's this for the 'strange and pure BS' category?

My family/friends all made reservations at a place IN Tuscaloosa back in December 2009. 6 rooms total. Confirmation numbers, all the usual stuff. Two weeks ago I get a phone call followed by email from this 'new general manager' that due to unforeseen circumstances (a fire, and some trial that is projected to last well into the football season) that they can no longer honor our reservations (all of us). However, what was more weird was I was the ONLY one who got any sort of formal contact (or a cancellation number via email, which was a different format from the one you'd get if you cancel online.) I was on a cruise at the time and couldn't call them; daughter #1 did tho and initially talked to corporate who said the name of the general manager at the Tuscaloosa facility wasn't who had sent me the email/left voicemail, some other person was. Corporate also knew nothing about it. So she called the hotel direct and spoke to the person corporate said was the manager, who informed dau#1 that she wasn't the manager, this new guy was. R U starting to smell it? Anyway, this chick gave the same/similar song & dance that I got in the voicemail/email.

Bottom line, after several more calls and 'discussions' dau#1 was told too bad, so sad, but they could do whatever they wanted and we had no rooms for the Bama weekend. Nice to find that out 3 months before the game. B*stards! BTW, I did find out they had no fire. Couldn't verify/refute this trial claim tho.....

We did end up with some rooms, but closest we could get was in Bessemer (@ 35 miles out). I'll NEVER patronize Home-Towne Suites or any of their affiliates again! Home

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